Woodworking Craftsmanship

Bring Your Idea to Life.

Each shuffleboard table is proudly made in Britain and crafted by hand. We specialise in the design and manufacturing of the highest quality Bespoke Shuffleboard Tables, handcrafted and tailored to your needs in great time.

Short Video Of Shuffleboard.

Nothing But Qauilty.

To provide the highest quality our Conquer shuffleboard playing surfaces are made with hand-selected, premium-grade cuts of hard maple. Coated with an ultra-durable Poly finish, all held within a solid Bespoke oak cabinet.

Fully Customisable.

We can offer your personal touches and bring your shuffleboard table to life. From placing your logo within the surface to redesigning your table to suit your enviorment, you name it, we can do it with ensure that our quality remains consistent.

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty on playboard surface and cabinet for home use. Terms and conditions apply.

Delivery & Installation

Conquers skilled technicians will orgainse your orders to be delivered and installed.

In Record Time

As our Shuffleboard tables are crafted here in the UK and not imported, we can offer completion within weeks.

Concurve Exerpince.

With our unique curve-controlled engineering, we offer the option to trickshot for beginners to conquer their opponent and a new challenge for advanced players to prolong their enjoyment for hours.

Choose A Table For You.

We've engengineered and crafted a bespoke shuffleboard table for all enviroments, whether home or commerical use.