Conquer proudly represents the only UK-based shuffleboard table manufacturer, committed to delivering unparalleled quality, prompt service, and competitive prices for both customised and standard tables. Deal directly with us, the manufacturer, not the middleman.

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Why Conquer?

Personalise your style with our fully customisable shuffleboard tables within weeks. From the finish and fabric to logos and design, crafting your bespoke table has never been simpler. Our workshop is at your fingertips. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Why Shuffleboard?

Shuffleboard offers a valuable opportunity for venues aiming to provide customers with a dynamic experience, enhancing social interaction in a competitive and welcoming setting. By integrating shuffleboard into your establishment, venues can draw more visitors and enhance their revenue stream.

Primal Shuffleboard TableTitan Shuffleboard TableBeast Shuffleboard TableMaster Shuffleboard TableRebound Bankshot Shuffleboard Table

Choosing a table.

We craft shuffleboards suitable for any setting – be it commercial or residential, we've got you covered.

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