The Highest Quality
Handcrafted Shuffleboards.

Design, build and conquer.

We specialise in the design and manufacturing of the highest quality bespoke shuffleboard tables, handcrafted and delivered within weeks.

The Leading Manufacture.

Conquer are the only shuffleboard company that manufactures shuffleboard in the UK. This results in the highest quality, fastest service for custom and standard tables at the best prices.

Every table is hand-built to the highest craftsmanship taking 100’s hours whilst our design service ensures that we can produce your shuffleboard tables to meet your most exacting expectation within weeks.

Extreme Durability.

Conquer shuffleboard playing surface features a solid maple kiln-dried playfield with a thick polymer play surface for extreme durability. Designed and built for longevity.

Detailed Craftsmanship.

Our solid oak bespoke frame and base ensure robustness within a commercial environment along with Conquer’s climate adjusters for curve technology, engineered for trick shots, extending the fun for hours.

Completely Customisable

Expresses your style with the ability to stamp your shuffleboard table with your personal touches.

From the finish, fabric, logos to the design, building your custom shuffleboard table has never been easier.

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Increased Revenue.

Shuffleboard generates a competitive and exciting atmosphere while bringing all ages, abilities and different interests together.

A new experience within bars, clubs and leisure will directly increase revenue through gameplay, food & beverage and repeat business.


Conquers playing surfaces handcrafted from hand-selected dry kilned maple. Our cabinet feature is made from solid oak throughout to ensure robustness within commercial environments as well as an aesthetic look.

All our tables are handcrafted in the south of England, United Kingdom.

For our standard conquer tables it will be produced within 2 weeks from deposit. For custom tables, this will be subject to quote.

With precise engineering and the use of tools called climate adjusters that sit below the playing surface. Once ever so slightly adjusted, this will give the playing surface a slight concave and allow users to perform trick shots and bring pucks back into play avoiding any strategically placed obstacles along the way.

Our technicians will adjust the tension on installation.

Our shuffleboard tables have been designed for commercial and home use in mind. Although we offer a bespoke design, our table is solid throughout with our solid oak cabinet to a layer of tough layer of resin, sitting above the playing surface which is hard than concrete. From spilt drinks to greasy food, it can withstand it all.

Yes! We can bring your ideas to life to perfectly suit your environment.

From design, manufacturing and to installation, we can help you every step of the way.

See our FAQ’s page for more in-depth questions.

Precise Gameplay

The hardwood playfield is finished with 10 smooth coats of polyurethane for accurate gameplay.