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Each and every Conquer table is proudly handcrafted in Britain by our devoted woodworking artisans. Because of this, we supply the highest-quality shuffleboard tables made to order within weeks.

Curves Of Steel.

Every table is installed with Conquer climate adjusters, giving the user the ability to strategically curve their pucks around their opponent.

How Does The Concurve Work?

Our expert installation team precisely fits and adjusts climate adjusters beneath the playing surface, creating a subtle concave effect that enhances gameplay – we fondly refer to it as the 'concurve effect.'

This unique feature enables users to execute strategic shots, weaving around opponents and bringing an added layer of excitement to the game. Precision engineering ensures the reliability of this trickshot capability.

Bringing Vision to Reality.

Personalise your shuffleboard table effortlessly, from finish and fabric to logos and design. Crafting your bespoke table is a seamless process that reflects your unique style and preferences. Our workshop is at your fingertips.

Conquer Primal Shuffleboard Table 9-22ftConquer Master Shuffleboard Table 9-22ftConquer Beast Shuffleboard Table 9-22ftConquer Rebound Shuffleboard TableMedium Speed Shuffleboard Powder

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Powders Pucks

Only The Best.

Our shuffleboard tables features a solid maple butcher block kiln-dried playfield with a poured polymer play surface for durability. Designed and built for longevity.

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