Get To Know Conquer.

We take immense pride in being the sole workshop in the UK dedicated to crafting shuffleboards. Our mission is to foster connection and camaraderie, especially in these challenging times, one game at a time.

What began as a hobby has evolved into a response to a growing demand for customisable shuffleboard experiences and a local manufacturing option. This enables us to provide the fastest lead times for both standard and bespoke tables, ensuring unparalleled quality by eschewing shortcuts commonly taken by other companies. Our direct-to-customer approach ensures fair pricing without inflated costs from importing, as you're dealing directly with the manufacturer, not a middleman.

Behind The

Each Conquer table undergoes a journey from design to completion, overseen by our team of dedicated and highly skilled craftsmen. Crafted with precision and passion, every detail is closely inspected to ensure the highest quality and aesthetic appeal.

Our playing surfaces are exclusively crafted from hand-selected, dry-kilned English hard maple, guaranteeing durability and beauty. Covered with a robust polymer finish, your shuffleboard is built to provide years of enjoyment, securely housed within our solid cabinet.

Come meet the Conquer Team.

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