Curves Of Steel.

Trickshots Only.

All Conquer shuffleboard tables are supplied with curved playing surface feature which adds a different aspect to the game.

How Does This Work?

Conquers skilled installation team will fit and adjust our climate adjusters that are found below the playing surface in which will give us the slight concave surface which brings your table alive. We like to call it the concurve affect.

This will allow the user to shoot a puck from one side of the table, use our concurve surface to strategically weave around an appontent to swing back into action. Precise engineering grants this trickshot ability.

What does this mean for you?

Standard tables only allow the user to play the same consistent shot. With our tables, this adds a new dimension to the game, curved shots even for the skilled begun hard to master. This results in game time pro-longing which will directly impact your revenue and repeat business.